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Top Unblocked Games Websites

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games

Cool math Games is a specialized hub for school-friendly, and brain-training games that guarantee endless fun while stimulating the mind without being blocked by most filters.


Kongregate offers an extensive collection of free online games. The site is known for its diverse selection, from casual to more challenging games.

Crazy Games

CrazyGames offers a vast selection of games that are browser-based, making them easily accessible from any device without downloads or installations.


If you’re looking for math and logic-based games, HoodaMath has a plethora of options suitable for both kids and adults.

Pokemon Show Down

 For Pokémon fans, this online battle simulator lets you compete with others using teams of your favorite Pokémon.

Trending Games

Poly Roller

In the game “Ploy Roller” on Cool math Games, players are challenged to strategize and plan their moves wisely.

The goal is to fill the grid with blocks efficiently and create complete rows or columns to clear them.

As the game progresses, the puzzle becomes increasingly challenging, testing players’ spatial skills and problem-solving abilities.

With a simple yet addictive gameplay, “Ploy Roller” keeps players engaged and entertained as they aim for high scores and mastering the art of efficient block placement.

Tips & Tricks for Poly Roller

  1. Plan Ahead: Before making any move, take a moment to survey the grid and plan your next few moves in advance. Look for opportunities to create complete rows or columns and anticipate potential block placements.

  2. Clear Lines Strategically: Instead of clearing lines as soon as they form, try to be strategic about it. Wait until you have several lines ready to clear simultaneously to maximize your points and create more space on the grid.

  3. Focus on Combos: Creating combos by clearing multiple lines at once can significantly boost your score. Look for opportunities to set up combos by leaving gaps that can be filled later with the right block shapes. Learn More Here!

Jump and Hover

Play Jump and Hover now!

Please Don't Eat Me

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